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April 15, 2008


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Have only noticed for first time today how the person has already leaped, and is not stood on the edge. Praying that there will be a soft landing beneath the clouds (in spiritual terms as well as the physical 'plane one!). Reminds me too of the eagle picture in Isaiah where the eagle just has to lock it's wings and the wind will carry it. May God's spirit be your updraft in the next stage of your journey. Happy soaring!

How exciting! I hope everything goes great for you. I pray that God gives you everything you need to sustain you on this adventure. Think of Brendan ready to head off into the deep! God Bless, Richard, and thanks for your fab and inspiring creations.

Sounds really exciting. Blessings on your journey - especially when it gets scary!
May God give you that courage.

sounds like standing on the edge of an adventure!
God bless as you have more time to explore your amazing creative gifting!

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