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December 22, 2007


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Dear Richard,
Your work of art and ministry is breathtaking...fabulas..
I am a Christian composer of praise and worship..I am about to upload a new song Come into my heart..I would like to ask your permission to use Be born is us today..it is a wonderful plead for purification of the heart on the Spiritual inward journery, as is my pleading with God in my song.I hope you will visit my channel..
and listen to my music..and I pray you will allow me to use your amazing photo.
my email is marian0000@rogers.com

Blessings and Peace
Marian Gomboc
looking forward to hearing from you Richard.

HELLO Robert,
your art and ministry is truly breath taking, I have been trying email you but your link is not working.
I am a Christian music artist and I have my originals songs (video's) on Youtube
I would like to ask your permission to use your amazing description of Born in us today,,,fabulas.
I am about ready to upload a new song...Come Into My Heart. Your work speaks volumes and would be inhance the message in my song as part of the Spiritual journey inward, I hope you will visit me at The Marian channel Youtube and listen to mu music...Praise God for His gifted servant in You..Blessings...Marian

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